Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here we go again...

Once again, my favorite local newspaper's online edition strikes gold.  I had heard on the radio the other day, a site that fits this entry perfectly.  Poor Sarah Jessica, the comparison is unmistakable and one that haunts her on a daily basis on the web and, more than likely, in real life as well.  And now, the AJC is piling on with this latest screen capture.

Now, I know nothing about the event that they are promoting for the Premiere of 'Morgans' and never will because of the tears of laughter filling my eyes.  No, my eye moves down the list of other features on The Buzz where a car has apparently "hit a horse-drawn holiday wagon".  Surely, the AJC staff didn't mean to have these two items appear on the same list, and in such proximity, but come on!

I'm guessing there was a steady sound of the clip-clop of high-heeled designer shoes heard at both events.

Until next time, fearless readers.

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