Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall in north Georgia

Well, couple of weeks ago we did the annual trip to the mountains north of Ellijay, GA. I can't remember just how long we've been coming up here but I do know that we used to come up here when we moved to Atlanta in 1991.

Although many years have passed, we still enjoy coming up to the pumpkin patch in the month of October for a morning of long drives and pretty views. It has, as many things do, evolved into a group trip with the older of the many Supper Clubs we belong to which has grown to 12 from the original number of us who venture out. Very early wake up calls on a Sunday morning aren't that fun, but once you get there, you realize why you get there so early.

Mixed in there is the requisite chasing of the kids, hay ride through the woods with the Christian pumpkins, popcorn, pumpkin/cream cheese rolls, pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

Naturally, after a trip to pumpkin world, it's off to apple world.

Couple of shots of the interior...

All sorts of apple pastries (which I did not partake in)...

Again, a trip up north is not worth it unless you are able to stop for some good que. Just outside of downtown Ellijay is one of the better ones: Col. Poole's BBQ and his hill of pigs!

The good Col. has been doing his que for more than a couple of minutes and has earned the respect of every local, state and national politician, radio personality, TV personality who graces his front door. Guess if you're famous enough, you get a piggy on the hill. Since this was Sunday, and I had just finished the SQL Saturday seminar (where BBQ was served for lunch), it seemed that BBQ was in order yet again. Here's your basic chopped pork plate, BBQ beans, mac-n-cheese, Texas toast and somewhere is an unsweet tea. Good stuff.

Overall, another successful trip to the mountains once all the clouds and fog of the morning had burned off.

See you next time from the road!

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