Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Sunny days in north central GA today, so after an early morning rising due to the time change, we headed out for church, a trip to Costco (to see if it is still worth it), and then off on a walk to the park to toss the football around. Wish I had pictures, or movies, to post for that because Charlie was killing me with his throws. I keep waiting on some scout to come up to me and ask about him playing for his team. Ah someday. 

After that we headed back home and had the craving for scallops.  The wife and daughter took a quick trip to Trader Joe's and came back with lots of fun things that would become dinner.

Starting with these beauties that were salted and sauteed in a little olive oil until browned on both sides, then removed from the pan and kept warm.

Following the browning (there they are in the background), and subsequent removal, onions were sauteed, garlic was added, a little white wine was added and reduced until nearly dry.

Shortly after the previous step, white beans were added with some basil, hot flake pepper, and chicken broth. Cooked just until hot.

Ahh! Where did all the lovely pan juice and bean mixture go??? Spinach hides everything, but only for a minute as the entire package cooked down to nothingness. Actually, when it was all done, I didn't think that there'd be enough for three to eat. Oh well, it was good anyway!

This idea came from a link on What's for Meat?, who got it from Cooking Light in March 2009. Good find, but wish it had a little more depth of flavor perhaps from using chicken stock instead of broth, or adding a small pat of butter at the end to tighten up the sauce and give it all a nice shine.  Also, it would have been great with a nub of crusty bread for sopping purposes.  Served with an adequate, but not great, Malbec.

After dinner was a quick clean up and clearing of the kitchen to take some clean water and make it dirtier and dirtier.

Do you think I need a new/larger pot?? We'll return to this little fella in a week or so.

See you then.

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