Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hectic weekend and the new toy

Well, new toy Thursday came and went.  Spent loads of time with the new camera (Nikon D5000) and took nearly 600 photos, 300 of which were at the boy's soccer championship on Saturday.  Don't worry, I won't bore everyone with all of those shots, but here are some anyway:

The parents were in town, so we took Friday off for part of the day and headed out to an art show, then off to Roswell for lunch at Pastis.  I'd never been there, but the wife had and suggested that as being a good place to go. OMG!  What a great lunch.  We started off with a farmhouse plate that had a couple meats, cheese, brie, pate, roasted red peppers, cornichons, and some toasted bread slices.

Then my lunch of salmon on nine grain bread with some fresh chips.  Washed it all down with a nice glass of Chard.  The wife had a great penne pasta with 'shrooms, peppers in  a bleu cheese sauce - awesome!

Off to do some more shopping and playing with the camera...

The next day, we headed out to the Marietta Farmer's Market.  Now that I had a good camera and a good lens, well, I just had to shoot some food along the way.  I need to get back there next week and give some of the photos to one of the farmer's who allowed me to take some shots of their goodies.

Left the market, back to the house, off to soccer, lunch, off to basketball practice, home, finally got a shower in, off to dinner at one of the better places around town:

Yes, Leon's Full Service in Decatur.  This is the food arm of The Brickstore Pub just on the other side of the square.  Everyone loves this place, Leon's, especially the kids who love the scenery and the food and the bocci court outside which gets used while we wait on our table.  Of course, the food is the real reason we're here, so here it is.  Pommes Frites for snack, Winter Squash Soup, and Roast duck over Lentils with Squash and dried cranberries - all washed down with a Gulden Drak or two...yummy.

You just have to love a camera that has a built-in food photo setting.  These shots were handheld with no flash in a dark restaurant.  There are so many settings that it's taking a lot of time to get through the books that I got with it.  Of course there are some accessories that I should get sometime in the future, but that's a long way off.  The best part is that I can use the old lenses from my Nikon 8008 days.  The lenses don't auto focus like the new ones, but they will work as traditional focus lenses.  That really helps because I've got a 50mm f1.8 and one 28-300mm that I can use for landscapes that are out of range of the 200mm top end of the new lens. Cool.

Overall, one very busy weekend that was just jammed packed with all sorts of good food, good drinks, and great company.  More photos to show at a later date, for now sleep calls.

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