Friday, November 6, 2009

Separated at Birth

I don't subscribe to our local newspaper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  There is just not enough information contained in the paper to warrant the expense.  That, and, the Sunday comics just aren't what they used to be.  I do, however, follow the local paper online and sometimes, it just makes me laugh.

Here is the first example:

Honestly, I don't know whether someone did this on purpose, or it was just a coincidence of their random story/photo link generator.  I would hope that the original photographer and stylist of Ms. Zolciak was not planning on her head shot being placed next to a classic Reuben sandwich photo, but the similarities are just too close to not to be overlooked.  What with her hair of golden sauerkraut, the creamy cheekbone blush of Thousand Island dressing, and the lapel flower of the finest pastrami, one just has to wonder.

The second example comes today in the wake of the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, Texas.  Our beloved AJC has decided that the photo of the shooter and the drug confession of Andre Agassi should appear close together on the screen.

I added the Darth Vader unmasked.  Still, the similarities are pretty strong...I'm just sayin'

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